Design Team

Our team is composed of sophisticated, experienced international designers from around the world. Enabling our team to identify and meet the demands of our clients from various cultures. Our project management is highly efficient focusing on execution, timing control and communication, allowing us to complete our projects within an international context.

许书维 Sophie Hsu
负责人 Principal

Born into a family of designers and growing up in Canada where she graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver, Sophie hasworked in various international hospitality design firms where she specialized in FFE design for numerous hotel projects. 

Drawing from her rich and varied background, Sophie is concerned with crafting timeless and elegant spaces at the crossroad of Shanghai. She has been responsible for establishing the core vision of the office and has been instrumental in the success of all of Simou’s projects.

金晓君 Sean King
合伙人 Principal

Sean’s influence in the office over the past few years has defined the creative direction and aesthetics of Simou Design studio. 

With a strong background in interior architecture, Sean has worked with various international design offices throughout the course of his career.

 Preoccupied with bringing together art, architecture, and lighting, Sean’s unique set of skills has enabled him to constantly reimaging the possibilities of interior spaces. 

Sean’s input on all of Simou Design Studio’s recent projects has earned him great acclaim from many of our clients.